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Sharp Copiers & Printers in Los Angeles

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At Copier Expo Inc, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest-quality product offerings available on the market today. Because of this commitment, our company has an extensive array of Sharp brand products available, for sale, lease, or rent ranging from color and black and white printers to copiers and fax machines. Sharp is extremely passionate about environmental conservation and has appliances and business products that are among some of the industry's most energy efficient. You and your company will be able to save a significant amount of money with their products, and help eliminate waste in the process!

Some of the Sharp brand products that we offer include:

  • Color printers
  • Black & white printers
  • Workgroup laser fax machines
  • Color copier based multifunction
  • Black & white copier based multifunction
  • Refurbished copiers
  • Refurbished printers

Learn more about the Sharp products for sale by calling our Los Angeles Copier Sales & Repair Company at (800) 474-2679​ today!

See below for a more comprehensive list.

Black & White Copiers Color Copier Faxes Printers
MX-B201D MX-C250 FO-2081 MX-C300P
MX-M232 MX-2615N MX-C400P
MX-M264 MX-2616N DX-B350P
MX-M266N MX-2640N MX-B400P
MX-M314N MX-C300W DX-B450P
MX-M316N MX-C301W
MX-M354N MX-3050N
MX-M356N MX-3070N
MX-M363N MX-3115N
MX-M364N MX-3116N
MX-M365N MX-3140N
MX-B402 MX-3550N
MX-B402SC MX-3570N
MX-M453N MX-3640N
MX-M464N MX-4050N
MX-M465N MX-4070N
MX-M503N MX-C402SC
MX-M564N MX-4140N
MX-M565N MX-4141N
MX-M623N MX-5050N
MX-M654N MX-5070N
MX-M753N MX-5140N
MX-M754N MX-5141N
MX-M904N MX-6050N
MX-M1054N MX-6070N
MX-M1055N MX-6240N
MX-M1204N MX-6500N
MX-M1205N MX-7040N

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